About Us

MEH Performance Systems, LLC is a coach-built computer systems integrator based in Surprise, Arizona. We sell retail computers to end users and provide larger scale deployments for hardware and software marketing departments as demonstration units at conventions and LAN parties. Each and every build is designed from the ground up by our expert systems integrators to deliver exactly the look, performance, and packaging our demanding customers require. We are able to work with technologies from any retail hardware vendor to ensure that cooperative sponsorship agreements are fully supported by the end product.

To us a personal computer system isn't just a piece of consumer electronics you buy off a shelf. Custom doesn't just mean you got to choose which of 3 processors and 4 video cards go into the final product. Each of our computers is a conversation with our customer. Every aspect from the hardware chosen and the chassis it's mounted in to the special and design effects is a result of that conversation. Our computers are an extension of our customers and their brand. Be it outspoken, disciplined, subdued, or nearly invisible we want these systems to retell that conversation every time someone sees them.